As an employee, your job satisfaction is the key to just about every aspect of your life. But what new statistics are showing is that having a fulfilling position isn’t the norm. Although it isn’t always easy to measure all the factors that go into whether one finds satisfaction in what they do, there are indicators that someone is a happy employee versus an unhappy one. 

Successfully run companies understand the importance that job satisfaction can have on their bottom line and the health of their workforce, overall productivity, and motivation. Therefore, understanding the signs of satisfaction versus non-satisfaction is highly critical not to everyone.

Currently, 60% of employees see their cohorts at work as significantly contributing to their overall happiness. But only about 65% of workers in the United States would consider themselves satisfied in their current position. Interestingly, 33% of workers report that their dissatisfaction stems from boredom, and only about 20% of employees say that they are passionate about what they do. When you combine all of those figures, the state of employee happiness in the US population looks pretty grim, which is why many people are looking for opportunities like franchising.

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Regular Burnout Versus Overall Unhappiness

You Dread Going to Work: Most people have a hard time returning to work after a long weekend or vacation. But if you notice that you dread going to work daily, then that is a red flag that maybe you aren’t in the right position to challenge and fulfill yourself. Being burnt out from time to time is natural for anyone who is under stress at work. But if you can’t seem to find anything that you look forward to in your workday, you might want to consider switching gears and looking for another position or career.

Your Health is Suffering: Stress is not only unavoidable; a natural amount of stress is healthy. But if your daily routine is so stressful that you are beginning to see signs that it is hurting your mental or physical health, then it is time to change. Things like high blood pressure, being frequently sick, headaches, or even losing sleep are all signs that your job has a significant impact on your overall well-being. And it also means that you might benefit from trying something new.

You Don’t Have any Time to do What you Enjoy: Some jobs are more consuming than others. If you can’t imagine having a day off to spend time with friends or family or notice that you spend all your time working, that isn’t a healthy work-life balance. Your job should be something you can sink your teeth into, not something that you sink your life into. Life is way too short to spend it behind a desk or doing something less than fulfilling.

You have no Control: As adults, it is vital to continue to set goals and achieve them. If you are stuck in a stagnant position where you feel minimal challenge or motivation to move up, that can lead to boredom. Not having any control over your advancement or feeling like you are not growing as a person can leave you feeling depressed and anxious. Overall, depression and anxiety related to work can wreak havoc on your happiness. And if you are suffering from not having any real excitement or enthusiasm at work, then it isn't healthy, period!

You Are Constantly Complaining: We all need to vent once in a while about our day to day hardships, trials, and tribulations. But if you find that you can’t say anything positive about your job or the people you work with, that is constant negativity that will eventually crush your mood. One of the critical indicators of work satisfaction is liking your position and the people you work with. And if you have nothing to look forward to at all, that is a huge flag that it is time to do something else.

"Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called everybody, and they meet at the bar."Drew Carey 

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The statistics about job satisfaction in the US is looking pretty grim for the average worker, but the good news is that it is never too late to start reengineering your future. Franchising opportunities offer a way out of your daily grind with a proven track record for success. If you see these five signs that your job is killing you, it is time to switch gears and try business ownership. Franchising offers you an opportunity to control your work-life balance while also realizing wealth-building that you simply can’t get when you trade your time for money.

We can all take a lesson from Imran Rahman’s experience about overcoming job dissatisfaction by finding something you are passionate about.

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