With COVID hopefully behind us, there are things we will all be able to enjoy once again, and others that we will not. Not everyone is cut out for commuting to work and being stuck from nine to five. The one advantage that many workers enjoyed due to the pandemic were the freedom that it gave them to work remotely. There is a reason labor shortages are plaguing the workplace: not everyone is looking to go back to the status quo. For some, that will mean that they have to switch gears and find nontraditional opportunities, like owning a business. 

Changing Priorities

Several studies about how COVID altered the way that we live, work, and commute have shown that it forever changed the way that people view their priorities and the importance of work/life balance. Especially for men, the traditional role of staying at home or working from home is not only becoming the accepted “norm” - flexible settings and part-time jobs are quickly gaining in popularity across the genders. Statistics show that 80% of all workers surveyed said that they would rather work from home even after the pandemic was no longer an issue, and 45% wished that they could spend a minimum of half their time at home going forward.

Only about 50% of workers interviewed said that they missed their pre-COVID position. 71% of those working from home enjoyed their more domestic role, with 53% of workers believing that working remotely helped them achieve a better work/life balance than in an office setting. This recalibration in beliefs is becoming the new reality in a post-COVID atmosphere. So what does that mean for the average worker? 

Is It Time for a Change?

A shift in our roles as adults and workers is leading many to wonder if it is in fact time for a change. Many are asking themselves if they are satisfied with their career path, or if perhaps there is a better way to find success, both professionally and personally. If you are one of the many who are wondering if your pre- and post-COVID goals align now that we have returned to post-COVID normalcy, here are some signs that what you wanted before and what your goals are now simply aren’t jiving. 

10 Signs That It Might Be Time to Quit Your Job and Switch Gears

Sure, everyone has days where they wish they were in a different position or that their given career was different - but if you are having doubts daily or are constantly questioning the path you are on, then it might be more than just a bad day. It might be time to quit and find another avenue.

1. Your Gut

The key is to follow what your gut tells you. If you wake up wishing that you didn’t have to head to the office again, then that is a sign that you are unhappy with your current career. If you ignore your feelings and continue to try to make a puzzle piece fit where it doesn’t, it can start to affect your happiness and your health. Dreading going to work is a horrible feeling and one that will likely not change over time. If you hate the thought of making that trek to work, and you hate being there, even more, it is time to pack it in and hand in your two-week notice.

2. You Procrastinate More Than You Get Anything Done

No one wants to do things that they don’t like. When you think about all the chores you have, the very last one that gets done is the least liked. The same is true of a job that you hate. If you find yourself avoiding doing your job more than “getting it done,” that is a true sign that you don’t like what you do. If there is nothing about what you do that gives you a little personal satisfaction kick, it is time to get out!

3. Your Health is Suffering

If you find yourself calling in sick more than actually heading to the office, then it might be your subconscious telling you it is time to make a change. Whether you are really sick or if you are just sick of being at work doesn’t matter. If you are resorting to avoiding as many days as you can or are physically sick due to the unhappiness you feel at work, then it isn’t worth it. It is time to switch gears before it does some real damage to your overall health.

4. You Constantly Complain About Work

When you find that nearly all of your conversations lately are about how much you hate your job or how bad things are, then you are obsessing about your misery, and misery certainly does not like company. If all you can do is talk negatively about your job to co-workers, family, and friends, then it is encroaching into all aspects of your life. When your job makes you a negative Nelly, it is time to cut it loose.

5. You Know You Are Overqualified

Everyone considers taking a job that is a little beneath their talents and skills, but if you are in a job that you are completely overqualified for, then there is no other way to feel stuck. A job isn’t supposed to be 100% about satisfaction, but if you feel like you aren’t being challenged or finding any fulfillment, you need to move on and find some worth in what you do elsewhere.

6. You Hit the Ceiling

The glass ceiling is nothing but depressing. If you are working overtime and there is nothing to aspire to but the end of the day or clearing your workplace, then that won’t make you grow professionally or personally. And if you aren’t growing while the rest of the world is growing around you, that just makes you stunted. Staying in a position for too long might seem like a breeze, but after a while, it will bring you nothing but boredom.

7. You Find the Negativity

If you are negative about something as critical as your career, then it is going to find its way into your world and your psyche. A toxic environment will bring down all the joy that you feel both in the workplace and beyond it. Pessimism is also a surefire way to kill any passion or inspiration that you feel, because it just squashes everything around you. Stop the breeding grounds and find your happy place once again elsewhere.

8. You Find Yourself Keeping Your Mouth Shut

A career is something that you should be able to grow with and make your own, but if you keep your mouth shut instead of voicing your opinion, after a while that is going to make you want to scream out loud. You shouldn't feel stuck doing the same thing when you know that there is a better way to do something. If you do feel that way, then it is time to take your talents and use them elsewhere. 

9. You Find Yourself Justifying Why You Stay

If everyone in your life can see your work unhappiness, then that is a sign that it is time to quit your job and move along. No matter what you tell yourself, you know the truth, and so does everyone around you. Denying it only prolongs the steps that you should take to find your true passion and begin enjoying what you do again.

10. You Are Reading This Article

When you are happy with something, let’s face it: you don’t go looking for advice from articles that will give you the answers you already know. The fact that you are looking for other avenues is the first and most important reason that you should consider leaving your current job and finding one that fits you better.

Entrepreneurial Solutions to Unemployment

Not everyone is born with an entrepreneurial spirit, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t develop one. Self-employment and entrepreneurship are two of the best ways to accumulate wealth, and in the new face of employment, they might help you to escape the day-to-day torture of the old status quo. Up until the COVID pandemic, traditional education and skills training were solely focused on obtaining a job, but there need to be better solutions for those who are not willing to sacrifice their wants and freedom to trade their time for someone else’s wealth. As a society, we need to find innovative solutions to tackle unemployment and labor shortage issues and match skills with other, less traditional ways to earn a living.

Business Ownership is a Significant Source of Economic Growth and Employment

Business ownership not only helps the business owner grow; it helps the economy as a whole. A new spirit or idea of seeing business ownership is a possibility for many needs to be developed to bridge the changing work atmosphere, as well as people’s professional and personal goals. Entrepreneurial thought should not be rare; it should be the ideal way for workers looking to bridge the gap between pre- and post-COVID careers and occupations. 

Franchising Is Not New, But It Is the Answer for Many!

There is nothing new about franchising. It has been around for decades - and in theory, probably centuries. The only thing that needs to be altered is the notion that not everyone can own and operate a franchise. It should not be considered out of the ordinary, but something for the ordinary or average worker to consider. Franchising allows workers to work as their own boss, remotely, and at a given career of their choosing. 

Real-Life Franchising Stories, How Franchising Has Changed Lives, All in Their Own Words

These are excerpts taken from LinkedIn, showcasing the many ways that franchise ownership has changed lives for the better. These are average people who took a leap and decided that the status quo was no longer going to be their status quo. Just read what they have to say about making the switch from employee to business owner. These are all people who teamed up with Frannexus to find a new lease on life.

Joseph Boyd - I first connected with Seth in late 2019 to discuss potential franchise opportunities, but I was at least 7-10 months away from being able to start up a business. Seth did not try to rush my decision and was extremely patient as we narrowed down possible franchise opportunities. Through several rounds of discussion and insight, Seth helped me narrow the franchise prospects down to two. Seth was a great resource and extremely supportive while I performed my due diligence on each model. After I committed to a model, Seth has continued to check in to make sure everything is going smoothly prior to start-up and has reiterated that he will continue to be available when needed. I would recommend anyone that is exploring franchise opportunities to utilize Seth’s expertise.

Regina Armstrong - Seth is the real deal!!! I had no direction and was unsure about which franchise opportunity was right for me, but once I linked up with Seth, he walked me through the process step by step. I'm so happy that I was fortunate enough to be one of his clients and he helped me find the business model that was best for me.

Imran Rahman - I can't endorse Seth's expertise, coaching style, and authenticity enough. We met at the very beginning of my journey into small business ownership at a time when I was exploring a broad range of options for the next step in my career. Seth had his work cut out for him, but he took the time to truly get to know me, explore my passions, and guide me through a long and winding decision-making process. I know I made the right leap for myself and my family, and I credit Seth's ability to help me define my path.

Tips for Exploring Franchise Opportunities

If you are finding that the return to post-COVID normalcy in the workplace is not what you want, then you should consider becoming a franchise owner to find freedom from the workplace and a better life/work balance. The first step is to find your passion and then match it with the right franchise opportunity. The best advice that you can take is not to head to the internet and start your search. Frannexus has helped hundreds of people like you find their inspiration and start down a new path of wealth accumulation instead of trading their labor and time for someone else’s wealth. 

The Frannexus team can work closely with you to find a franchise that fits your goals, is within your financial constraints, and can help you enjoy life in a post-COVID world and beyond. Remember for all the bad things that happened during the pandemic, there is a way to take lessons learned and make them work for you, instead of working in the capacity you did before. Contact us today to get started on your new normal.