As we head into a recovery phase after the pandemic, many are considering the prospects of switching gears and trying something new. The only real way to start accumulating wealth is by going into business for yourself - but start-ups can be risky. A franchise like FocalPoint Business Coaching might be your ticket to financial stability and personal fulfillment.

According to statistics, business coaching has been an $11.6B industry just in 2021. The annualized market growth is somewhere around 1.2%, which means it is accelerating faster than the overall economy. The business coaching industry is the 9th ranked Educational Services industry and the 474th largest industry in the nation by market size. Factors driving the industry are a growing life cycle stage and an increasing number of households in the US making more than $100k.

Life coaching is currently the second-fastest growing industry around the globe and increasing annually 6.7%, with an estimate of nearly 8 million coaches presently practicing in the United States. And the demand for life coaches is anticipated to climb at a rate of almost 5.5%. The market value will reach $1.34 billion by the year 2022. 25% to 40% of Fortune 500 companies insist on executive coaching as part of their promotional opportunities for best performers and top earners.

Why Choose FocalPoint?

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FocalPoint Business Coaching is a company founded by an elite group of certified business and professional coaches. They are committed to serving local communities to foster business improvement and growth. When you become a trainer and business coach through FocalPoint Business Coaching, you join hundreds of like-minded, passionate, and driven business executives from across America and around the globe who enjoy great success and satisfaction using their proven system. Once you become a coach, you inherit a team of global professional cohorts to collaborate with.

FocalPoint Business Coaches work to determine the needs of medium and small businesses, larger corporations, business executives, and self-employed professionals. Their business coaches are experts in productivity optimization, sales effectiveness, leadership development, business growth, strategic planning, and overall demonstrating to leaders and business owners the road to enjoying more profitability, working fewer hours, and finding more overall work/life balance and satisfaction.

Brian Tracy, FocalPoint founder, had a mission to devise an internal training program that fostered confidence and empowerment for those who become coaches to reach new pinnacles and thrive in their coaching practice. He built his business model to allow business coaches to operate their own completely independent business while receiving ongoing training and support. 

When you buy into the FocalPoint Franchise, you are not only getting a proven roadmap to success; you also inherit the Brian Tracy brand. FocalPoint believes that their career path is clear. Their business coaches work only with the companies they choose, work the hours they want, and practice wherever they choose, giving them ultimate control over their future and financial stability.

The FocalPoint Franchise Overview

One of the only tangible ways of accumulating wealth is by working for your financial stability instead of trading hours to work for someone else’s. To achieve this, you typically have to own a business. But business startups can be risky and take a considerable amount of time and resources to grow from the ground up. That is where franchising differs. When you buy a franchise, you get a proven road map for success from the start. 

There are currently about 733,000 operating franchises in the United States. When you consider that they make up only about 2% of all the businesses in the nation - yet they earn over $674 billion - you can quickly see that they enjoy a large segment of success and profitability compared to other types of business startups.

Start Earning a Profit From Day One

A franchise comes with a solid brand and brand recognition, which typically takes years and a substantial amount of time and resources to build. Since you are buying a brand, the brand loyalty, and everything that comes with already having an established following, buying into a franchise means you can start to earn a profit from the minute that you put your “open for business” sign up, as opposed to spending years trying to make it into the black - which is usually the course for new business model startups.

Since franchises are considered less risky, you are also more likely to get funding via traditional and other lenders. They see franchise opportunities in a different light because there is proof that the business model is successful before you even begin. That means that your chances of being a business owner are much greater than if you began a business from scratch and tried to acquire funding.

Training and Support

Half of the expense and time consumption of opening a business is found in marketing and advertising to build your brand. When you buy into the FocalPoint Franchise, all of the brand-building is done. Once you go through the training program, you get the advantage of being an exclusive and established member without doing all the legwork that can be the downfall of many business startups.

When you become a franchise owner, you get to control your work/life balance. You are no longer beholden to someone else’s requirements. You get to enjoy the freedom that comes with being the boss. You also get to gain the prestige that comes with being an entrepreneur and finding your path. 

Be an Independent Business Owner

Becoming a business coach also comes with the ability to be an independent business owner while pulling from the expertise and experience of those already established. That means that you can completely switch gears to start down a new path and have the resources necessary to hit the ground running with the support and training of those already in the industry, cornering a considerable market segment. 

Irrefutably, one of the only ways to accumulate real wealth, find a better work/life balance, and enjoy financial stability for the future is through becoming a business owner. Buying a franchise is a much less risky opportunity that comes with all you need to be successful from the start.

Selecting a Franchise

Once you decide that a franchise opportunity is for you, it is time to choose the right match. The mistake that many make is to go straight to the internet for research. What they quickly find is that there are thousands of opportunities to go through, which can become overwhelming. 

Franchising does come with many advantages that give you a higher likelihood of success over a new business startup. But the reality is that you have to choose wisely. Not everyone is cut out for every franchise ownership. The consultants of Frannexus help guide you through the vast number of opportunities by first examining what your goals are, what your strengths are, and what you can commit, both financially and personally, to a new path. Our industry knowledge helps us weed through opportunities to find the right match for you specifically for the greatest chance of success.

We have an established relationship with FocalPoint, so if it is the opportunity that is the best match for you personally, we can help you to go through the application process with a higher likelihood that you will be accepted.

Looking at All Factors - Both External and Internal

When considering which franchise to buy, you must look at all factors - both external and internal. Introspection is a large part of the process, but sometimes being objective can be difficult. Our consultants have the expertise to ask the right questions to find the right fit for you. We examine things like your skillset, your financial goals, and how much time you want to allocate, along with your budgetary constraints, to match you with the best franchise opportunity to find fulfillment.

Once we narrow down the most critical factors for you, like investment constraints, personality characteristics, overall skill level, and industry knowledge, we compile a list of franchises with the highest chance for success and general work/life satisfaction. After all, franchisees do come with less risk, but only if you find one that you can grow with and enjoy. It is a long-term commitment and one that you should enter into with eyes wide open.

Beginning the Process

Together, we begin the process of going through the application and compiling what you need to proceed. Every franchise purchase will come with things like agreements and contracts. You need to review any legal documents before entering into an agreement to see if they can make concessions in your favor. Our knowledge and expertise can help ensure that there aren’t any hidden surprises or things that can arise that you are unprepared for down the line. Our job is to take the guesswork out of the legalities involved in franchise ownership to give you peace of mind.

A business coaching franchise opportunity might be your ticket to financial freedom and work/life satisfaction for the future. If you are ready to switch gears and enjoy business ownership, then Frannexus is here to make your dream become a reality. If you are interested in becoming a FocalPoint Franchise owner, contact us today, and let’s begin setting you down a new path for a lucrative and fulfilling future!

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