FranFund – Where to Invest in 2015

FranFund - Where To Invest in 2015

Where to Invest in 2015?

FranFund has a vast portfolio of funding options available, and our team of professionals will work to find the best capitalization solution for each client.

No one is better connected. let FranFund show you where to invest in 2015.

  • Customized funding strategies for those just starting out or looking to add locations
  • Our focus is the franchise industry and small businesses
  • Some of the nation’s most reputable financial partners
  • Able to get you funded in a fraction of the time
  • We do the home work, the leg work and the paper work


A proven capitalization solution available only through FranFund.

How does the FranPlan™ Work?

  • Step 1: Form a Corporation
  • Step 2: Corporation Sponsors a 401(k) Plan
  • Step 3: Rollover to New Qualified 401(k) Plan
  • Step 4: 401(k)Plan Invests in the Corporation

FranPlan™ Safety Net Accelerate the availability of y our retirement funds by utilizing the Safety Net at no cost and no risk. Ask us how!


FranFund Business Loans Our lending division creates a comprehensive loan package and utilizes a large network of SBA and conventional lenders to secure funding.

Business Line of Credit Establish a line of credit in the name of your new or growing business. This is a signature only (no collateral) line of credit based on the personal financial strength of the borrower.

Securities-Backed Financing Utilize qualified securities (i.e., stocks, bonds, mutual funds, U.S. Treasuries) to obtain a low interest line of credit. Pay interest only on the amount used.