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With hopes of a better year ahead, there is one thing that is not changing from the year before, the lack of satisfaction workers find at work across the United States. The average worker is fed up, dissatisfied, and underpaid, that is, if they can even find and keep gainful employment. Although things appear bad now, the economy is forecasted to just get worse in the coming year ahead. 

Employment took a hit during 2020. Over 30 million unemployment claims were filed between the third week of March and the beginning of May. The unemployment figures soared 3.5% in February, climbing to 14.7 percent in April. That resulted in 25 million-plus people losing their job and a record reduction of 8 million in the total labor force. 

Analysts see a trend of record low employment in 2021, which has the average worker considering a different path to financial and job security through avenues other than traditional employment. If there is one lesson that many can take from the pandemic of 2020, life is too short to spend a majority of it stuck in a job that neither satisfies you nor pays you well. Also, the ability to remote work and leave the nine to five confines of an office has given many a taste of freedom they hadn’t considered, and they aren’t willing to give it up.


As we roll into 2021, we remain optimistic that things will soon return to normal. But not everyone is ready or willing to go back to the status quo. Many who were forced to remote work or changed from full time to flex-time out of necessity are considering switching gears rather than heading back to the same daily grind. 

There appears to be a surge in those willing to try their entrepreneurial legs out by becoming a business owner and finding more work stability and freedom. Franchising is an excellent way to realize your dream of business ownership without all the risks associated with going it alone.

If you are ready to take the leap, don’t do it out of faith; do it because there is a proven track record of success. But where do you even begin? Many entrepreneurs worry that franchises are too expensive, and they won’t be able to come up with enough capital on their own. The good news is many franchise opportunities are not only within reach; they are under $100,000, which for the average person, is economically doable.


The COVID pandemic has irreparably changed nearly every aspect of our lives. While some of the things we have implemented, like wearing masks, will hopefully be a thing of the past, other novel ways to do something are probably here to stay. Although there has been a lot of negativity and fear that accompanied the COVID era, some good things have happened. 

Workers worldwide have found new ways to earn money from home, and they are flourishing. With so many ways to communicate, an office, for many industries, might be a thing of the past. If you are looking to work from home and get ahead financially by doing so, then an at-home franchise might be the best option available.

It is tough to tell how deep the fallout will be once the pandemic has run its course. What we are already seeing is a rise in job instability with the potential for an economic recession quickly following. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to find job security and build wealth, a business franchise that you can operate via the web is not only a safe choice but also a lucrative one. Owning a work-at-home franchise will also provide you a flexible schedule and limitless growth potential. 

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