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Like most cliches in life, the midlife crisis, and its accompanying career crisis, have a basis in reality. Research has shown that the midpoint of most people’s lives is a period of dissatisfaction and re-evaluation, particularly in terms of their careers. In fact, satisfaction with life often resembles a U—with the first third of life starting high, dipping to a low point during midlife, and then rising again as people approach retirement. But why?


As an employee, your job satisfaction is the key to just about every aspect of your life. But what new statistics are showing is that having a fulfilling position isn’t the norm. Although it isn’t always easy to measure all the factors that go into whether one finds satisfaction in what they do, there are indicators that someone is a happy employee versus an unhappy one. 

Successfully run companies understand the importance that job satisfaction can have on their bottom line and the health of their workforce, overall productivity, and motivation. Therefore, understanding the signs of satisfaction versus non-satisfaction is highly critical not to everyone.

Currently, 60% of employees see their cohorts at work as significantly contributing to their overall happiness. But only about 65% of workers in the United States would consider themselves satisfied in their current position. Interestingly, 33% of workers report that their dissatisfaction stems from boredom, and only about 20% of employees say that they are passionate about what they do. When you combine all of those figures, the state of employee happiness in the US population looks pretty grim, which is why many people are looking for opportunities like franchising.

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