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Often, when people think about the potential of owning a franchise, they wrongly assume that franchise ownership is only for the wealthy. The truth is that nearly anyone with the desire to take a leap and start down the path to a lucrative future can find a franchise within their means. Yes, some franchises require huge net-worth figures and millions of dollars on hand, but others require less than $100k and can be financed, making them a choice for anyone with a vision. 

The reality is that anyone working for someone else is trading their hours to foster wealth accumulation for their employer. The only real way to build wealth for yourself is to own a business. But business ownership does not come without serious risk, both professionally and personally. However, the good news is that when you choose a franchise, you are buying into a proven business plan, a recognized brand, and everything you need to pick up the ball and run with it!

If you are ready to start down the path of being your boss, enjoying a better work/life balance, and securing your financial future, then consider these franchises. These are emerging franchise buy-ins that require less than $100k, have the potential to build a significant amount of capital for you and your family, and come with minimal risk.

Tutor Doctor

In the post-pandemic era, many students are not only struggling with socialization; many are also falling behind academically. The Tutor Doctor is an emerging franchise that is helping millions of students across the nation and globally by providing them with a better sense of accomplishment, self-esteem, and success. And it is affording many looking to start their own business unparalleled opportunity for growth while still satiating their desire for a work/life balance.

According to statistics, the global demand for online tutoring assistance will grow by 16% by 2027. The Tutor Doctor is the answer to a growing industry need. It is a low-investment franchise opportunity that requires an initial franchise fee of $44,700 - $49,700 and an estimated initial investment of $73-$100k for local and regional licenses. If you want to up the ante, you can choose the empire builder franchise model, which is $94k for the initial franchise fee and $134,995 to $160,695 for an initial investment range. 

Tutor Doctor offers an expanding international brand throughout North America, Latin America, and Europe. There are no brick and mortar costs to start this web-based franchise. It operates on a scalable business model, proprietary business technology, and tutor recruitment and matching framework. The franchisor aids with a coaching structure, local marketing, and specialist teams that foster long-term innovation. Above all, the Tutor Doctor comes with a 95% customer satisfaction rating and a brand recognition that is one of excellence.

Patrice & Associates

Patrice & Associates is a franchise that recruits for the hospitality industry and has been around since 1989. As we roll into the post-pandemic era, hospitality is one area experiencing explosive growth. The restaurants able to pivot to adjust to shutdowns and social distancing not only survived; they thrived. From carryout to delivery, restaurants that found solutions weathered the storm and are now being rewarded with record numbers of consumers looking to enjoy what they missed during the past two years. 

According to statistics, over a million restaurants survived the pandemic last year alone, and 81k new ones opened their doors. In addition, Canada's restaurant industry grew by 4.5% just last year alone and employed over 500k workers. 

Patrice & Associates is an executive search company that helps hotels, casinos, restaurants, university hospitals, cafeterias, and grocery stores with their employee needs. The advantages they hold for franchise owners are:

They also handle all of the collections and billing so that you can focus on growing your franchise. 

As a franchise owner, you don't have to hire employees, have a brick-and-mortar, require fast cash flow, or purchase equipment, and you get 90 days of training to ensure that you are on the right track. The advantage that the franchise provides is supplying you with clients from the first day you put out the "open for business" sign because they already have national contracts with fine and casual dining established business names such as TGI Friday's, Arby's, Great Wolf Lodge, and many others. 

Patrice & Associates also offers no territory restrictions and low upfront investment figures, and although you can choose a brick-and-mortar location, you can also recruit from home. Additionally, they handle all of the marketing costs and labor, all of which you benefit from as a business owner. With labor shortages on the rise, it is becoming incredibly hard to retain talent. The answer? Patrice & Associates. It is a recession-resilient business model that is not a fad and offers unlimited growth. 


Art classes continue to lose their placement in schools around the nation, making businesses such as Abrakadoodle a necessity. Abrakadoodle is a creativity franchise that brings mobile art to you. Whether visual arts, summer camps, or art parties, it is an onsite mobile art program designed to put art and creativity back into our children's lives. 

Abrakadoodle covers six countries, one million kids, 1,000 locations, 140 franchises and growing, and 1500 teachers. It also offers training and ongoing support. It is a low-cost franchise, a mobile-based home business that allows varied income streams, offering summer camps, event parties, adult programs, and classes year-round. 

The initial franchise fee is anywhere from $25,400 - $56,900, an initial investment of $38,088 - $81,938, a net worth of $100k, royalty fees of 8%, and a cash requirement $50k. It provides:


CarePatrol is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing and trusted senior-living placements in the nation, employing 150+ Certified Senior Advisors. Founded in 1993, CarePatrol's mission is to reduce the stress on families when finding a placement for their aging parents and loved ones. 

According to statistics, over one million seniors live in more than 30k communities in the nation, with projections that that number will double by the year 2030. The earning potential for those embarking on the CarePatrol franchise opportunity will be up to 142% more than competitors in the industry. 

It is a home-based business model without brick-and-mortar or real estate expenses. Senior care is a recession-resilient industry marked by exponential demands and growth, and CarePatrol might be your answer to financial security for the future.


Fibrenew is a franchise that currently has over 290 franchise locations and employs over 330 technicians in North America and globally. They are dedicated to the restoration of vinyl, leather, and plastic. It is a mobile-based franchise, so there are no brick and mortar or real estate costs. The company is witnessing steady growth in various markets, including automotive, commercial, residential, aviation, medical, and marine. 

It is also forecast to experience considerable gains over the next decade, offering an eco-friendly alternative to replacement materials that would eventually find their way to landfills around the US and globally. 

The starting investment for a franchise is about $94k, with franchise fees of up to $47k. Other requirements are a net worth of $200k and liquid cash of more than $50k. The initial franchise fees total $47k, and ongoing fees are about $695+ per month. Fibrenew provides classroom training and only takes one person to run the mobile business. It is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to branch out on their own and accumulate wealth and a healthy financial future.

Most people mistakenly assume that they aren't wealthy enough to accumulate wealth by owning their own franchise. There are many opportunities available for under $100k in the franchise-owning industry. If you are ready to stop trading your hours for someone else's wealth, now is the perfect time to consider buying a franchise. Even for those with limited resources, the American dream of being a business owner is still real and alive. Contact Frannexus today to get started. 

I can't endorse Seth's expertise, coaching style, and authenticity enough. I know I made the right leap for myself and my family, and I credit Seth's ability to help me define my path. - Imran Rahman, Franchise Owner 

Let Frannexus Be Your Guide!

If you are considering investing in a franchise, don’t take the chance of choosing the wrong one and not achieving your goals. Learn from the experience of others in the franchise field, like a franchise coach, to have the greatest likelihood not just of succeeding but exceeding what you think is possible. At Frannexus, we have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to help you achieve your financial and personal goals. The right match is waiting for you, and Frannexus is the matchmaker to find your franchise soulmate.

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Things are seemingly returning to some sense of normalcy. Although the future and impending economy continue to be uncertain, it does appear that things are normalizing as people return to the business at hand. One movement that is hard to ignore exists in the labor force. 

The shutdowns and social distancing protocols changed many people's perspectives and outlooks on life, including attitudes about working to accumulate wealth for companies and employers. Many reject the notion that they should trade most of their time to earn a paycheck and consider other options, such as becoming a business owner through franchising. 

For those ready to take a leap of faith and start on a new venture, the question is whether they want to take one additional risk and try their hand with an emerging franchise or if going down the path of buying an established brand is better. If you are ready to begin accumulating wealth for yourself and branch out on your own, which one is for you?

Franchising - A Proven Business Model?

When most people think about being a franchise owner, they think of a well-established brand, a mega-brand like McDonald's or Dunkin' Donuts, but thinking of only the most prominent brands can price them out of the market. Although it might be a common thought that buying into a well-established franchise reduces the risk of failure, that is not the case. 

It is foreseeable that the old status quo of businesses might not adjust to people's new trends, thoughts, and desires as life pivots in the post-pandemic atmosphere. Many new and exciting franchise opportunities are finding their market share as we head deep into 2022 and beyond. They may offer just as much - if not more - in the potential for growth, satisfaction, and sustainability than established brands.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Emerging Franchise Brands

Both established and emerging franchises have pros and cons; the key is to find the less risky options while balancing sustainability and satisfaction. One significant advantage to buying an established franchise is consumer awareness. Although all franchises offer a proven business model, established ones have a history, leading to higher performance predictability. 

On the other hand, established brands also have the potential for outdated business models that have lost their luster and come with market saturation and consumer fatigue. Also, they often command a higher buy-in investment, which can outprice most investors.

The pros and cons of an emerging franchise are also varied. On the one hand, they typically come with an upward trend and the opportunity for rapid growth due to their excitement and "newness," which sometimes leads to a high degree of adaptability that you can't get with an established brand. Emerging franchises tend to have more "wiggle room" to adjust for consumer trend changes, which does not necessarily mean that the business model isn't strong or set in stone. 

It simply means that there is less tendency by consumers to hold fast to what they already know. The major drawback with an emerging franchise is often there are more responsibilities placed on the individual franchise units to extend the ever-growing brand awareness. 

So Which Is for You? 

So which is for you - an emerging franchise or a traditional one? Before you decide, here are some of our emerging brands to look into. 


In a post-pandemic era, people have become increasingly aware of their health status and how important it is. The DRIPBar is a franchise targeting cellular health and overall quality of life and well-being. The type of cocktail offered at the DRIPBar combines cellular scientific nuances targeted to help people live healthier and more vibrant lives. 

Their niche market is not restricted to people dealing with chronic illness; it is for anyone who wants to increase their overall health. The DRIPBar offers vitamins and supplements via IV therapy, administered by professionals. Also, it is a semi-absentee franchise model, which allows business owners to pursue multiple streams of income and continue working in their current field or capacity.

The franchise fees are within range for the average investor. $55,000, with royalty fees of 7% and a startup cost of anywhere from $131 - $278k. To become an investor, you need liquid capital of $125k, a net worth of $300k, and a credit score over 700. 

Ellie Mental Health Services

In the aftermath of the isolation and lack of social support that many individuals felt during the pandemic, many are still dealing with residual feelings of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Telehealth was one industry that took on a life of its own during COVID, offering many convenience and accessibility that they did not have before. 

Ellie Mental Health Services is one such telehealth forum. It is one of the fastest-growing mental health companies around the nation. It also offers in-person services, community service outreach, and psychiatric medication management to corner all mental health needs. 

The cash requirement to buy in is about $100k, with a minimum franchise fee of $60k. It is an absentee to semi-absentee franchise business model, allowing owners to have a hands-off approach and pursue other career paths. It also offers high support, including real estate procurement, financial aid, site build, marketing, recruitment, and training. Once established, they have brand development guidelines and shared service intake teams, so there is a lot of hand-holding to provide all the assistance you need for startup and success. 


According to statistics, by the year 2050, more than 27 million seniors will require health and living assistance, putting a heavy burden on many families who are left to care for them. CarePatrol is a franchise dedicated to providing better options than what's currently available in the market, using technology and software for better placement and more informed choices. 

CarePatrol attempts to be the answer to assisted living placement concerns, independent living needs, nursing home choice confusion, and memory care for a growing number of seniors who are increasingly in need of help to overcome the hurdles of dementia and other memory issues.

It touts itself as a business with a purpose that requires a very low investment buy-in at $100k, a culture of compassion and empathy, a high degree of training and support, the benefit of quickly becoming the industry leader, and far greater earning potential than competitors. It is also an option for a flexibility-seeking audience as a home-based business model. 

As we return to similar conditions as a pre-pandemic world, the past three years have left their mark in many ways. One such perspective that has globally changed is attitudes about work/life balance. Those looking to stop the daily grind, enjoy more freedom and family time, and stop working to line the pockets of companies and business owners and instead start lining their own are looking for franchise opportunities. 

But is an emerging or well-established franchise right for you? With many pros and cons to consider, having a trusted professional like Frannexus in your corner can get you on the road to a successful and lucrative future filled with satisfaction and personal growth. Contact us today to get started!

I would highly recommend Seth to anyone looking to explore the universe of franchise options.Jay Weitzman, Franchise Owner 

Let Frannexus Be Your Guide!

If you are considering investing in a franchise, don’t take the chance of choosing the wrong one and not achieving your goals. Learn from the experience of others in the franchise field, like a franchise coach, to have the greatest likelihood not just of succeeding but exceeding what you think is possible. At Frannexus, we have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to help you achieve your financial and personal goals. The right match is waiting for you, and Frannexus is the matchmaker to find your franchise soulmate.

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When Tracy Toomer-Couvson was laid off from her position as VP of Operations for the largest fitness franchisee in the United States in 2020, she decided enough was enough. Tracy previously made four successful corporate moves, but her career success came at a cost. With elderly parents at home, Tracy could choose to make another corporate move and disrupt the family again or do something different. She chose the latter and has felt blessed every day since.

Tracy’s priorities include being present as a daughter, girlfriend, sister, friend, and most of all being present for herself. She began thinking about business ownership as a way to feel valued and appreciated while controlling her own time.  In November of 2020, Tracy became the owner of CarePatrol Collin County Central. CarePatrol is the nation's largest and most trusted senior living placement organization, with over 150 Certified Senior Advisors throughout the country. It was founded to take the stress out of finding the best and safest senior care choices for families and their loved ones.

 Tracy admits that owning a business is not all sunshine and roses, especially when you have a pandemic to contend with but feels so much appreciation for the life she's creating for herself and her loved ones through the meaningful work she's doing as a CarePatrol owner. "It's about finding ways to do what I love in service to others. I love supporting families while they are going through an emotional crisis and helping them make some of the biggest decisions in their lives. Being able to answer questions like, where will their loved one be cared for and treated with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve? That's what I am blessed to do every day".  

 Tracy worked with Seth Lederman, Franchise Advisor and Frannexus CEO, to determine the right business opportunity.

"The greatest value Seth and the Frannexus team offered throughout the process was in providing answers and insights around the important considerations like which financial business model is right for me. Should I look at a brick-and-mortar or an at-home business? How much and when will I break even? All of the answers to these great questions helped determine that franchising was right for me at this time in my life."

- Tracy Toomer-Couvson, Owner of CarePatrol Collin County Central

 At the end of the day, Tracy feels good about her decision to invest in a franchise. "I absolutely love this business, and I know I am in the right place, at the right time to be of service to a population that truly needs it! Here's to 2022!!"

Tracy's Tips for Would-Be Franchise Owners

#1 Do your research! "The first piece of advice I would offer is that you can never do enough research." 

#2 Talk to Franchisees. "Make sure you speak with Franchisees that have left recently. Why did they leave? How much were they earning by the end of their contract with the franchisor?"

#3 Dive into the Franchisor/Franchisee relationship. "It is like a marriage. Ask if they're happy with the franchisor and how their experience is different from what they expected?"

#4 Find out what positions are essential to hire. "If it is a business where you can work from home, ask other franchisees what positions were critical at the opening to the success of the business? Should you budget for an assistant?"

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