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There are several types of restaurant models in the foodservice industry. Full-service restaurant franchises have an estimated output of 76.5 billion in the United States alone. Apart from fast food, full-service businesses offer the consumer a dining experience. Full-service restaurants cater to customers who want to be waited on, aren’t looking to be rushed, and desire the “dining experience,” quality food, and service. 

2020 was a very challenging year for many industries, including the full-service restaurant. At the beginning of the pandemic, restaurants across the board saw a decrease in revenue. But with the shutdowns and social distancing regulations, most full-service franchises were forced to take a hiatus or to pivot to meet the challenges of a closed dining room. When you take from the experience that a full-service franchise provides, that leaves them with the need to compete in the arena of fast food, where the industry was already prepared for quick pick-up meals, without the routine already established.


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