Our experience with Seth could not have been better. Seth introduced us to an amazing franchise concept that we likely would not have without his help. And yet, we came to Seth very skeptical of franchise consultants in general. We had been successful in another franchise for many years but were looking to diversify. After doing a ton of our own research, we were referred to Seth by the sales director of a large and well-known franchise when it became clear there were no available opportunities with them in our location. We warned Seth of our skepticism right up front. He handled it with grace and professionalism and proceeded to assure us he had our best interest at heart. Bottom line–our skepticism was misplaced. We are grateful to Seth for the experience and the fantastic opportunity to which he introduced us. He absolutely did act with our best interest at heart and we would encourage anyone looking for a franchise opportunity to get in touch with Seth. You’ll be happy you did.