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The Process

Explore franchise business ownership with ease. 

Our streamlined process helps you make an informed decision faster and with more confidence.

1. Discovery

Start by submitting a confidential questionnaire and psychometric assessment to predict your compatibility and future performance potential with franchise brands.

2. Consult

Let’s get to know your skills, qualifications, passions, desires, and interests, adding clarity around your unique franchise search and selection criteria. If it turns out that franchising is not for you at this time, that’s okay too.

3. Funding

Connect with trusted specialists to determine the right funding solution for your franchise investment.

4. Presentation

There are many great franchise opportunities to choose from. We’ll narrow down to those best suited for you and the market you’ll be serving.

5. Introductions

We’ll personally introduce you to Senior representatives of the brand, increasing your chances of being awarded the investment opportunity.

6. Due Diligence

We’ll help you distinguish the natural fear of making a big decision from actual red flags that should give you pause for serious concern. From a no-cost consultation with a franchise attorney to a list of questions to ask franchisees, Frannexus saves you a lot of time vetting opportunities.

7. Invest

You’ll get to know the leadership and support team prior to being awarded the franchise and making your initial investment. The team at Frannexus works closely with the brand to ensure a smooth start to your new business venture.

Profits are Better Than Wages

Tired of putting in hours of hard work while someone else benefits? You can earn money in a way that fits your lifestyle rather than the other way around.

 In “Profits are Better Than Wages”, experienced franchise advisor, Seth Lederman answers the “how” and “why” of going into business for yourself.
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